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85 printable pages designed to help you figure out your brand, where you stand and help you get plan your next steps to accomplish your goals as a content creator.

The first part of the planner (around 40 pages) is more like a workbook taking you through steps to get more clarity on your brand. The prompts and questions in this section will help you evaluate where your personal brand is at today and where you want it to be with a step-by-step action plan. This section is divided into four parts:

1. The Foundation

2. The Evaluation

3. Setting Goals

4. Road to Success

The second part is a monthly planner. It's undated so you can keep using it each month forever! :D You can use this either to plan out your content or just as a regular monthly planner. There's also a monthly and weekly overview section.

How to use the planner: Since this is a digital planner, you can use it in the following ways:

1. Print out the sheets and fill them up

2. Write digitally on the PDF on your computer/laptop, and use websites like DocFly or any PDF filler to fill it up digitally

3. If you use a tablet like the iPad, you can import the PDF to a handwritten notes app (like Good Notes or Notability) and fill it up there using the Apple Pencil

4. You could also just use a notebook, refer to the workbook pages in the planer and fill your answers in a notebook


Note: PDF download upon purchase