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Landing brand collaborations is an art in itself and to help you with that, here are the the EXACT pitches I use to land brand deals and sponsored experiences around the world! If you’re confused about how to email brands to inquire about free or paid products in exchange for promoting them and also being paid for doing that), these email templates will definitely help you out!

This template is a result of a lot of fine tuning as I developed these over the past 3 years, until I started consistently getting results from pitching to brands, even with a MUCH SMALLER AUDIENCE. If you’ve ever wondered why you’re getting a lot of ‘no’s (or worse, no response at all), I’ve got you covered!

Included in the pitch templates are THREE pitches:

1. To receive sponsored products

2. For sponsored tours

3. For hotel stays

You also get some bonus tips on how to craft the perfect emails and pitches. These pitches can be modified for your specific niche and work for all niches.

P.S. These are the exact pitches I’ve used to get free stays in 4 and 5 star hotels and a lot of brand collaborations!

If you score a sponsorship or a sponsored tour/product, you already made back the money you spent on this template ;)

Happy Pitching!